GTA Online update means even hardened criminals can get in the festive spirit

“What if Santa Claus was a bank-robbing, car-jacking, murderous sociopath?” If that”s a question you have a burning desire to know the answer to, you”ll probably appreciate GTA Online”s newest update. It adds new Santa outfits, pajamas, masks, and car horns while bringing back all previous holiday event outfits. Hope you”ve got a big closet. […]

Black Friday gave The Uncharted Collection a 999% sales boost

Well, someone hit the right price point over the weekend. The latest numbers in from GfK Chart Track show Nathan Drake: The Uncharted Collection getting a +999% sales boost off the back of Black Friday bundles and sale offers. Considering the game also comes with a beta code for this weekend”s Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta […]

Build-A-Bear Workshop will let you mold your own Pikachu this month

You”ll get to play Frankenstein with your very own plush Pikachu later this month. Build-A-Bear Workshop today revealed that the mouse Pokemon will scurry onto shelves in late December, ready for kids and full-grown adults to customize and adorn as they wish. If you”re not into the whole “building” part of Build-A-Bear (handfuls of stuffing […]

Best movie LEGO sets

If you build it… Lego has allowed generations of youngsters the chance to create something out of nothing. Those small colourful blocks interconnect in a variety of ways and bring to life cool dioramas constructed entirely out of plastic. In short: they”re absolutely brilliant. As Lego unites with movie studios and TV networks, tie-ins from […]

20 best Peep Show moments

They”re not sick, but they”re not well… When you boil it down, what”s at the very core of Peep Show? Slapstick? Long profanity-fuelled rants? Humor that threatens to undermine your self-assurances that thinking something isn”t the same as doing it? It”s all of them. The foolish exploits of flatmates Mark and Jez (who dub themselves […]