GTA Online update means even hardened criminals can get in the festive spirit

“What if Santa Claus was a bank-robbing, car-jacking, murderous sociopath?” If that”s a question you have a burning desire to know the answer to, you”ll probably appreciate GTA Online”s newest update. It adds new Santa outfits, pajamas, masks, and car horns while bringing back all previous holiday event outfits. Hope you”ve got a big closet. […]

Gaming”s bleakest Christmases

“Tis the season We cant all be blissfully happy in the holiday season. Just looking at things statistically, it doesnt work out. It turns out that thats much the same for our games, some of which Ive noticed have a particularly dim view of the end of the year. From the games that play with […]

Let”s skip right to GOTY 2016

So long, 2016 As we enter the year of our lord Star Wars: Episode 8, were in prime position to look back on the greatest games of the last 12 months. 2016, youve done well: whether it was open-world, action-packed or extravagantly remade, youve delivered a varied and memorable batch of truly modern video games. […]

Rocksteady might not be done with Batman

Batman Arkham Knight was meant to be Rocksteady”s goodbye to the caped crusader, a final farewell that waved the dark knight off into the sunset in his not inconspicuous favourite vehicle. Well officially that”s still the case but in the below official video from Batman Insider, creative director Sefton Hill is kind of suggesting otherwise. […]