How to setup your Wii U

Play with power Make no mistake – Nintendo”s Wii U is a powerful machine. It”s the most internet-friendly of Nintendo”s devices, with a full digital storefront and even its own social media platform. It”s a surprisingly complex console, which is why I”ve written a guide that should help get you and your family gaming in […]

The classic games that define “Nintendo Hard”

Now you”re playing with power “Nintendo Hard.” It”s a term that defines the company”s past, when the Nintendo Entertainment System was known for being that totally sweet new gaming console your cousin owned, and for having really, really tough games. Such brutality comes in many different and exciting flavors. A game can be difficult because […]

Nintendo NX controller may use Free-Form Display tech to go beyond your thumbs

Nintendo patents are sprouting up like weeds. Yesterday we showed you ideas the House That Mario Built had for creating a network of devices to “increase the speed or quality of a user”s gaming experience,” and today a newly uncovered patent might give us the first look at the Nintendo NX controller. Patent application 20150355768 […]

Minecraft finally arriving on Wii U next week

The blocky world builder has taken its time coming to Nintendo but Minecraft will finally be available on Wii U from December 12th. Announced on Mojang”s Blog, the game will be available on the Nintendo eShop and come with multiple content packs. These include the Battle & Beasts skin packs one and two, the Natural […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X review

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a strange game, even by JRPG standards. The distant planet of Mira is harsh and unforgiving, filled with verdant plains and giant beasts, and Xenoblade unceremoniously plops you into the middle of it all and expects you to figure most of it out on your own. It”s a lot to take […]