Why I Love: The insights of Clairvoyance in Psychonauts

Throughout the course of Psychonauts, most of the psychic powers wielded by our hero Raz serve a clear, practical, video-game-y purpose. Levitation lets him cruise around levels and slow his descent during jumps, Pyrokinesis sets pesky enemies on fire, Shield creates a mentally projected barrier to protect him from harm, and so on. All of […]

Why I Love: The brilliant clunkiness of Spelunker World

Spelunker World never stood a chance of standing out, and I”m willing to bet you had no idea it exists. That”s just what happens when you”re an obscure, free-to-play PS4 platformer being quietly released on the same day as Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Compared to those titans of triple-A gaming, Spelunker […]

Why I Love: That forgotten Uncharted card game

Start rattling off the names of games in the Uncharted series. Even if you remember “that one on Vita,” odds are pretty good you’re referring to Golden Abyss, and not Fight for Fortune. And fair enough, because while the former was basically Uncharted Lite, the latter was, of all things, a card battling game. It […]

Why I Love: Grow Home”s frequent flying

If you”ve ever dreamt about flying, what was it like? It”s rare that my sleeping subconscious unwinds itself by letting me soar through imaginary skies, but for the few times it”s happened, I never felt like Superman. Instead of gracefully gliding through the air, it was as if I was falling horizontally, struggling to properly […]

Why I Love: Minecart levels

I don”t think I”ve ever encountered a video game minecart that was used for its original purpose of transporting coal. Any time you see a hunk of metal stock with four wheels resting atop a rickety railing, you know you”re about to experience the polar opposite of hard labor: a thrilling roller coaster ride full […]

Why I Love: Empty homes in RPGs

As a kid, I loved pretending to live in other people”s empty houses. Everything was already in place: the foundation, the furniture, and maybe a treasure chest or two. All it needed was for someone to come along and make it into a home. Saving the world from a cosmic evil or a giant space […]