Why Peter Capaldi doesn”t want Doctor Who”s new companion to be male

In Doctor Who“s season nine finale “Hell Bent” – read our review here – viewers bid farewell to Jenna Coleman”s Clara Oswald, leaving the Doctor without a companion. Speculation has now turned to viable replacements and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi has weighed in with this thoughts on the matter. Speaking with Radio Times, Capaldi […]

Best box sets

Unwrap a box set this Christmas All obsessive TV fans know that Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in a box set binge, especially if theres mince pies and leftover turkey sandwiches involved. Whether you”ve seen these brilliant shows before or they”ve been on your to-watch list for months, now”s your chance to see […]

Kim Dickens on how Alien influenced Fear The Walking Dead and more

When Fear The Walking Dead hit TV screens earlier this year, fans everywhere were desperate to see how The Walking Dead started. But instead of the zombie bloodbath they expected, viewers witnessed the struggle of one family as they tried to stick together through everything from drug addicted to yes, the apocalypse. We talked to […]

Doctor Who S9.12 “Hell Bent” review

After the formally innovative genius of “Heaven Sent”, “Hell Bent” is a slightly disappointing conclusion to the series. Though it has many great moments, it’s a little on the talky side, and feels like it could have done with a bit more blood and thunder. Plus not for the first time it sees a season-arc […]