Why The Box Of Delights is the perfect Christmas viewing

Christmas: the season of goodwill, regrettable parties, endless chocolate – and binge-watching movies and TV. Everyone has their own favourites: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Bond, Harry Potter – all shows and films that feel almost custom-made for the holiday season. But, for me, there”s one show that feels more Christmassy than all of the above: […]

Rediscovering Sherlock”s Victorian roots on the set of The Abominable Bride

Five years ago, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss pulled off the unthinkable. Modernising Sherlock Holmes had seldom been attempted before, much less with any success, and initial reports of the Beeb’s contemporary update were met with scepticism from Doyle aficionados and the general public alike. How wrong we all were… Now, in 2015, what has […]

Doctor Who “The Husbands Of River Song” review

Feel the whiplash. It’s less than three weeks since series nine of Doctor Who climaxed in bold, brilliant, bruising style with the two-punch of “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”. The BBC’s decision to delay this year’s run of episodes means we’ve barely had a chance to breathe after our journey into the darkest corners of […]

Doctor Who Christmas specials

Christmas is coming… Hard though it may be to believe now, there was a time when Doctor Who wasn”t a festive fixture. Though we”ve now enjoyed (and occasionally endured) ten years of the Time Lord taking over BBC1 on Christmas Day, it was never considered a particularly Christmassy show until Russell T Davies brought the […]