Miyamoto clears up all those important Mario myths

Did you know that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all a theatrical production? Shigeru Miyamoto himself confirmed the longstanding conspiracy theory in a new “Mario Myths” video, which was posted in honor of Super Mario Bros.” 30th anniversary. In retrospect, it all seems so obvious: the curtain-raising intro, the bolted-on platforms casting shadows from the […]

Nintendo does Sonic a solid and puts him in a bona fide classic

Poor Sonic the Hedgehog doesn”t have the reputation he had back when he was competing with Nintendo”s moustachioed plumber, Mario. The two mascots pushed each other to great new heights in the “90s, giving us some of the best 2D platformer games ever made. Then the revolution of 3D graphics occurred, and Sonic never quite […]

Super Mario Maker comes with 100 courses to get you started

Super Mario Maker is all about creating and sharing your own cool/weird/sadistic levels online, but it”s also a fully fledged single-player Mario game. Nintendo revealed on a promotional site that the upcoming Wii U game will come with 100 courses pre-built and ready to play, with no Mario making required. For reference, the original Super […]

Nintendo World Championships conclude with hellish Super Mario gauntlet

It all came down to Mario in the final moments of Sunday night”s Nintendo”s 2015 World Championships, held in Los Angeles. The two final competitors, going by John “John Numbers” Goldberg and Cosmo Wright competed in a frantic run through Super Mario levels – only ruled by a ticking timer and a sadistic streak. The […]