Best games 2015

One of the best years in years From the rain-slick streets of Gotham City, to the arid desert of Afghanistan, 2015 has transported us across the globe and to worlds beyond. We have slain monsters for coin and breathed new life into an irradiated wasteland. The incredible size and scope of this year”s biggest releases […]

What does Mario Makers producer think of all those super hard levels?

From the hard to the near-impossible, Super Mario Maker users /love/ making levels so difficult they”ll make your eyes water – check out the dastardly P is for Pain if you want a taste of peak cruelty. Crafting ultra-challenging courses has become the in-vogue thing to do on Wii U, but what does Nintendo producer […]

Mario Makers producer has a few level building tips

The creative potential of the superb Super Mario Maker is a powerful thing. There are people crafting levels you”ll never beat, while others conjure wondrous designs that”ll break your heart with envy. It”s all about imagination, but it”s tough knowing where to start with the modern interpretation of Mario Paint. Lucky for you we”ve got […]

Meet the creator of Super Mario Maker levels you will never, ever beat

For many of his followers, Alex ‘PangaeaPanga’ must seem like nothing short of a god. Not only does he have the genius to devise some of the hardest, most grueling Super Mario Maker levels imaginable – he also has the astonishing skills necessary to complete his own creations. Meanwhile, those who”ve summoned the courage to […]

Best Super Mario Maker levels

Crafting a superb Super Mario Maker level is a delicate art. Some would-be-Miyamotos get a little too occupied with difficulty, seemingly intent on torturing the player”s fingers; others spend time crafting levels that play themselves, which – while amusing – don”t make for very good gameplay. The most satisfying level designs play off of your […]

Super Mario Maker started life as Mario Paint for todays generation

Super Mario Maker really is something special; from its levels that parody videogame melodrama to the joys of adding a giant Bowser because… well, because, the latest gem from Nintendo is proving a perfect pairing with Wii U”s gamepad. (In fact, why don”t you check out these essential level creation tips while you”re at it?) […]

A day-one patch for Super Mario Maker nixes the nine-day wait for unlocks

Super Mario Maker”s approachable take on level creation has earned nearly universal accolades so far, save for one sticking point: that strange nine-day waiting period between you and all the tools in the Mario making toolbox. It sounds like Nintendo has been listening, though, because the game”s very first patch apparently ditches that unlock system. […]