7 incredibly festive Christmas carols (about non-festive video games)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Here”s to you Xmas music, slowly transforming our retail staff into mindless, hate-filled husks. Believe it or not, Christmas jingles like these were once viewed a valid form of entertainment. Yes, it”s true! Before being weaponised by the likes of noted war criminal Michael Buble, these chipper ditties were […]

This Battlefront ewok kill might not be real, but the game”s designer approves

Star Wars Battlefront is packed with easter eggs and references to the original trilogy, but none so irksome as the walking teddy bears known as ewoks. Players have tried all sorts of methods to exterminate these little furballs, with no success. But just because something”s impossible doesn”t mean it can”t happen, right? Looking at this […]

Your eyes were made to watch this 4K Star Wars Battlefront “real life mod”

Star Wars Battlefront already looks better than the original trilogy, but with some shader tweaks and a resolution bump it gives real life a serious run for its credits. YouTuber jackfrags posted a video montage showing some of his adventures in Star Wars Battlefront using a modified version of shader injection tool SweetFX, 4K resolution, […]

See how Star Wars Battlefront is unfolding in this comprehensive infographic

Who is the most popular hero/villain character in Star Wars Battlefront? Search your feelings, you know it to be Boba Fett (sorry Vader). EA and DICE put together an infographic for the original-trilogy-inspired online shooter, demonstrating not just who would win in a fight, but who already has won in the most fights. For starters, […]

Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted PS4 bundles $50 off for the holidays

Missed all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS4 discounts? Sony”s rolling out a second round of substantial savings for last-minute holiday shoppers, cutting $50 off the US price tags for its Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundles from December 6 through December 19. That means you can nab a […]