How to install PES 2016 option files on PS4

If you prefer playing PES 2016 with Manchester City and Arsenal instead of “Man Blue” and “North London”, then you”ll want your game to have the correct look to complete the visual transformation. Thankfully, it”s possible to import kit designs, team emblems, competition emblems, and manager photos to do this, and process is relatively simple. […]

FIFA 16 career mode guide

So you’ve aced the interview, charmed the press and won over the players. Your first day as a manager in FIFA 16 begins… but now what? Who should you recruit to improve your team? How are you going to train your players? And how do you go about discovering the new generation of superstars? Fear […]

Looks like there”s a free-to-play version of PES 2016 on the way

It”s become a sad tradition for me. I play each year”s FIFA and PES demos for many hours each, agonising over their merits and differences before making a decision, buying my preferred game, playing it once, and forgetting about it. If I”m really unlucky, I”ll end up feeling pangs of regret when I look at […]

17 years of “the Madden curse”, from NFL to Ronda Rousey

Bad magic Analysts will tell you the previously-all-conquering Ronda Rousey suffered her first career defeat at the weekend because she got over-confident in the build-up, her training wasnt sharp enough, and opponent Holly Holm unleashed the fight of her life. And maybe theres a semblance of truth in that. Like, two per cent. But anyone […]

NBA 2K16 review

NBA 2K16 is what all sports games should aspire to be. Not only is it the most ambitious title of its kind – offering expansive single player, multiplayer, cooperative, offline, and online experiences – it does so in a way that simultaneously respects core basketball aficionados and casual hoops fans. While each of the deep […]

Blood Bowl 2 review

For those not educated in the unholy union of gridiron and goblins, Blood Bowl 2 is the love child of a drunken fling between an American Football simulator, a Discworld novel and a particularly violent game of chess. Quite how all that DNA got mixed together is best left to less innocent minds, but the […]

12 essential tips for getting started in FIFA 16

Can you kick it? It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or veteran – everyone can get better at anything* If you want to shoot screamers past FIFA 16s flapping keepers, catch defenders napping with cheeky passes, perfect the new no-touch dribbling, and outsmart opponents with sheer strategic clevercloggery, these tailor-made tips will raise your […]