The Final Fantasy 15 community”s votes are in, and so are moogles

Well, that decision didn”t take long; after polling fans about whether they”d like to see moogles included in Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix has announced that the white-furred cats with balls of fluff jutting out of their heads will indeed make an appearance in the upcoming JRPG. Well, at least one moogle will. Game director […]

Yo-kai Watch review

At first glance, Yo-kai Watch can look intimidating. It opens with a premise foreign to many players outside Japan (those ‘yo-kai’ can defy English description at the best of times), introduces you to over two-hundred new creatures with their own strengths and weaknesses, then drops you into battle and wishes you good luck. But don”t […]

Final Fantasy 15 devs holding poll for moogle inclusion – vote kup-yes or kup-no

Despite earlier indication that they would be absent from the game, moogles may yet make an appearance in Final Fantasy 15. The English and Japanese Twitter accounts for FF15 have polls asking fans if they”d like to see the cute little cat-bats added to the game, and both polls have nearly 90 percent of their […]

Wandering back into the bizarre wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas

Frankly, Fallout: New Vegas was kind of a mess, a sprawling RPG held together by duct tape and Wonderglue. You’re walking along and BAM! A burned-out car randomly springs you 35m in the air. Or, mid-conversation, someone’s head rotates 360º. There’s even the recent revelation uncovered by hobbyist coders that, because its predecessor lacked functioning […]

Fallout trivia – 28 little-known facts from after the end of the world

Secrets of the Wasteland The Fallout series has never been shy about letting its developers” personalities shine through – for such a grim set-up, they”re remarkably humorous games, packed with winks, nods and irradiated salutes to the people and media that informed their creation. With Fallout 4 so very, very close, now”s as good a […]

Telltale”s Game of Thrones meets its end in November

The final credits and/or heads will roll in Telltale”s Game of Thrones on November 17. No “this platform now, this platform then” confusion – Episode 6: The Ice Dragon will be the very first Telltale finale to launch on all supported platforms simultaneously. Better still, if you haven”t yet pledged fealty to House Forrester, the […]