Quantum Break”s hero was always going to look like Iceman

If you”ve been following Alan Wake developer Remedy”s Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, you might have noticed a seeming last-minute casting change at Gamescom 2015, as protagonist Jack Joyce suddenly gained a new and different face. Despite speculation regarding evil twins and merging realities (pretty par for the course when a game is about time […]

Quantum Break is putting the “time travel” back into “time travel”

Warning: If you don”t want even vague spoilers for Quantum Break”s story, stop right here. Having seen all of Quantum Break”s moving parts in action, it still takes some explaining. Anyone who”s followed the game knows that it”s part Remedy shooter – with all the slow-mo John Woo-isms that implies – and part pseudo-Syfy Original, […]