You can now buy Blood Rocks in Bloodborne and get all your weapons to +10

Okay, the Hunter”s Axe is clearly the best weapon in Bloodborne, but in case you disagree or just want to have a collection of fully-upgraded weaponry, developer From Software has good news: Blood Rocks – the crafting ingredient needed to boost a weapon from +9 to the +10 maximum – can now be purchased in-game […]

ESRB ratings reveal another batch of PS2 games slated for PS4

I forgive you. You didn”t play Primal when it came out on PS2 in 2003, but I forgive you, because it looks like you”ll get another chance. An ESRB rating suggests that the tale of shapeshifting, demon-slaying Jennifer Tate and her gargoyle sidekick Scree is among the next PS2 games on PS4. If Primal still […]

Why I Love: Kazuma Kiryu”s suit in Yakuza

No one is more badass than Kazuma Kiryu. In Yakuza 5, when he confronts a mob boss while searching for an abducted friend, Kiryu turns down a drink of whisky by punching the bottle. In half. Directly into the offering mobster’s face. Yet for all of his magnificent stoicism and uprightness, Kiryu still walks around […]