Jade”s camera in Beyond Good and Evil is more powerful than any weapon

While the mere mention of Beyond Good & Evil is enough to make some fans teary-eyed, it won’t be memories of the game’s searing mechanical innovation getting them emotional. After all, Michel Ancel’s beloved action-adventure can seem conservative once you pick it apart. Its structure is borrowed from Zelda, for instance, while its stealth sections […]

The austere masonry of Icos castle conceals a pulsing heartbeat

Given its function as both a prison and site of ritual child sacrifice, Ico’s castle is disarmingly picturesque. The setting achieves balance through contrasts; dank, moss-speckled chambers open out on sunlight-warmed courtyards. Its atmosphere teeters between comforting and oppressive, the familiar and the otherworldly. Still it remains one of the most coherent game spaces ever […]

What”s Happening: Gunning through the OTHER Resident Evil 2 remake

Everyone is excited for the recently announced Resident Evil 2 HD remake, but let”s not forgot Capcom already remade RE2 once before… as a light-gun shooter. Join Maxwell McGee and Lucas Sullivan as they blast their way through Raccoon City all over again in this inaugural episode of What”s Happening. Watch live video from GamesRadar […]

GR+ Live: Searching for keys and killing zombies

Lorenzo and Maxwell celebrate the announcement of the Resident Evil 2 remake by playing one of their old school favorites. Watch us play Resident Evil 4 the way it was originally intended at 3:30pm PT. Watch live video from GamesRadar on Twitch Come back Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30 to 5 PM Pacific for […]