How aggressive spanking helped make God Hand a gaming classic

Real violence hurts and has consequences, so winners don’t do punch-ups. Yet in even the weediest noob some ancient brain-part still finds fights exciting. Which is why videogames have, over the years, provided us with countless fantasy worlds revolving around a man punching another man. Few are as divine as God Hand. Developed by Capcom’s […]

Dust off the night-vision goggles as we look back at Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Whether it’s slipping past that irritating colleague unseen, or negotiating your way around that potentially hell-spawned dog owned by the neighbours, there really is a little bit of spy in us all. Let’s be honest, there’s some serious empowerment to be gained from sleuthing from point to point, ghosting past every soul in sight. Strange […]

What”s the secret to Deus Ex”s impeccable design?

Here we go, then. The games writers’ game. The mythical masterwork that anyone old enough to remember when trenchcoats and shades were a legitimate style choice just can’t let go. Deus Ex changed more than just a genre, because it can’t be pinned down to just one. More accurately, it changed both the gamer and […]

Celebrating Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

With Grand Theft Auto 5 finally coming out on PC on April 14, we turn to official PlayStation Magazine as they look back at GTA: Vice City… As Hall & Oates warmly warble on Flash FM, Tommy Vercetti really is Out Of Touch. Compare him to the cutting-edge trio of Michael, Trevor and Franklin from […]

A retro look back at Viewtiful Joe

To many, Kamiya is hardcore gaming. Over the course of his career, firstly at Capcom and now as one of the key figures at splinter studio Platinum Games, Kamiya has forged a reputation for designing action games that are bright and breezy enough to be accessible and enjoyable to beginners, and yet mechanically deep enough […]