Sony apparently no longer developing PS Vita Games

You might have thought it stopped a while ago but it”s the first time it”s been mentioned officially, with Sony Computer Entertainment EVP Ito Masayasu apparently admitting in a Japanese interview that there were no first party Vita games in development. I”ll be cautious here because the main English source is this translation that reports […]

Why I Love: That forgotten Uncharted card game

Start rattling off the names of games in the Uncharted series. Even if you remember “that one on Vita,” odds are pretty good you’re referring to Golden Abyss, and not Fight for Fortune. And fair enough, because while the former was basically Uncharted Lite, the latter was, of all things, a card battling game. It […]

If you haven”t played Danganronpa yet, you need to

September 1st marks the release of Metal Gear Solid”s swansong, as well as the big-budget, open-world explode-athon Mad Max. But it”s also the day that the latest entry in the cult-favorite Danganronpa series finally makes its way to the West. “What”s a “Danganronpa”,” you”re probably thinking to yourself, “and why should I care?” I was […]

Here”s what more games should steal from Virtue”s Last Reward

When the lead developer on a video game series goes on Twitter and says a sequel probably won”t happen, that”s what we call a “bad sign.” Wait, scratch that, it”s a really bad sign; final-nail-in-the-coffin bad. And yet, in spite of the odds, Zero Escape 3 was announced over the weekend at Anime Expo 2015 […]

Zodiac is Scotland”s answer to Final Fantasy 7

We don’t typically associate Scotland with roleplaying games. Yes, the capital boasts a proud development lineage, what with playing home to Rockstar North and the cultural and sales phenomenon that is GTA. But the coastal city of Dundee acting as a crucial base for a JRPG/MMOG handheld hybrid? That’s new. Yet French developer Kobojo recently […]

Games you should totally snag from PlayStation Mobile before they”re gone forever

Goodbye forever After only three years of existence, Sony will be shutting down PlayStation Mobile forever on July 15th, 2015. There”s a good chance you”re asking: “I”ve never heard of PlayStation Mobile. What the hell is it?” Well, the program was originally created to allow small development teams to get their games on the PS […]

Geometry Wars 3 invades the PlayStation Vita, bringing local co-op in tow

One day, we”ll look back and tell our grandchildren about the Geometry Wars. About how they started small, destroying squares, triangles, circles and other basic shapes on Xbox before they eventually spread to PC and PlayStation consoles with Geometry Wars 3. “We thought the fight was over,” we”ll say, “And then they announced that Geometry […]