How to install PES 2016 option files on PS4

If you prefer playing PES 2016 with Manchester City and Arsenal instead of “Man Blue” and “North London”, then you”ll want your game to have the correct look to complete the visual transformation. Thankfully, it”s possible to import kit designs, team emblems, competition emblems, and manager photos to do this, and process is relatively simple. […]

Looks like there”s a free-to-play version of PES 2016 on the way

It”s become a sad tradition for me. I play each year”s FIFA and PES demos for many hours each, agonising over their merits and differences before making a decision, buying my preferred game, playing it once, and forgetting about it. If I”m really unlucky, I”ll end up feeling pangs of regret when I look at […]

PES 2016 review

The modern game of football is as much about physicality as it is about pace or technique. It’s strange that no digital representation of the beautiful game has managed to nail this particular aspect of the sport. There have been attempts, with some going hilariously wrong, but nothing to impact the gameplay in a positive […]