Of course Aperture Science robots make all the Steam Controllers

Valve”s strange new Steam Controllers may be of questionable value for actually playing games, but their manufacturing process is fascinating to watch. Valve published a How It”s Made-style video of its new Steam Controller production line in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, showing how robots, complete with cheeky Aperture Laboratories decals, assemble the controllers. They”re not quite […]

Departure Lounge: It”s all in your head in Nevermind

Psychological horror game Nevermind is terrifying as-is, sending you plummeting into the darkest depths of other people”s disturbed minds to find the source of their deepest, most abiding fears. But if you want to make things even worse (because of course you do), you can strap on a heartrate monitor and let it sense your […]

Best strategy games

Welcome back, Commander For a long time, consoles carried a strategy gaming stigma they simply couldn”t shake. If you wanted to command more than, say, three dudes at a time, then obviously you needed a PC with its glorious mouse and keyboard setup. Trying to lead an army with a gamepad was simply a bad […]

System Shock 3 is coming, pathetic creatures of meat and bone rejoice

The spiritual predecessor to BioShock is getting a proper third entry. Underworld Ascendant developer OtherSide Games recently posted a countdown site which was quickly cracked open, revealing a teaser page for System Shock 3. Appropriate that the cult hit series which popularized hacking minigames had its secret teaser so quickly datamined – and since the […]

Caught Up: getting started in Just Cause 3

This week on Caught Up we”re parachuting into the explosive sandbox game Just Cause 3. Here, everything explodes with glorious, Hollywood-esque pyrotechnics. And we have the grappling hook that brings all these explosives together. Shake off those post-Thanksgiving blues by watching up wreak havoc all across the island of Medici. All that, plus last week”s […]