Gaming”s bleakest Christmases

“Tis the season We cant all be blissfully happy in the holiday season. Just looking at things statistically, it doesnt work out. It turns out that thats much the same for our games, some of which Ive noticed have a particularly dim view of the end of the year. From the games that play with […]

There will be another Xbox after this One, Phil Spencer says

Microsoft”s using the Xbox brand as its catch-all for everything gaming, dedicated consoles seem to be losing ground to mobile devices, and what the heck do you even name the system after Xbox One? Xbox Two? Don”t be ridiculous. Add all that up and you may get concerned about Microsoft”s future in dedicated gaming hardware, […]

Project: Knoxville turns The Hunger Games into, well, a game

One of three game concepts pitched at the Xbox community by Press Play earlier this year, “action-survival” experience, Project: Knoxville won the popular vote by a landslide, with 46% of votes. We have to confess to being a little deflated when the Danish studio announced that it would be its next Xbox One project (although […]