The biggest news stories of 2015

The biggest news of 2015 A lot happened in gaming in 2015. More than you might remember. It was a year for long-awaited sequels, franchise resurrections, publisher scandals, and a goofy Time magazine cover. It was also the year we said goodbye to one of the industry”s most beloved leaders, Satoru Iwata. To put it […]

ESRB ratings reveal another batch of PS2 games slated for PS4

I forgive you. You didn”t play Primal when it came out on PS2 in 2003, but I forgive you, because it looks like you”ll get another chance. An ESRB rating suggests that the tale of shapeshifting, demon-slaying Jennifer Tate and her gargoyle sidekick Scree is among the next PS2 games on PS4. If Primal still […]

Games that were a big deal (for, like, a day) in 2015

Feels like a lifetime ago Every so often, months of mounting excitement for an upcoming game fizzles into complete apathy, even over the course of a single week. And with the amount of money being shoveled into the piping-hot marketing engine these days, experiencing anything less than earth-shattering euphoria on launch day can feel like […]

Konami”s hiring for a new Metal Gear game – yes, already

Kojima is officially out the door, and Konami is wasting no time moving forward with their plans to continue the Metal Gear franchise; they”re now hiring for the next game. A Metal Gear game will undoubtedly be different without longtime writer and director Kojima onboard, but it”s coming all the same. Unfortunately, there are no […]