Why Rogue Squadron is still one of the best Star Wars games out there

Along with Virtua (not Virtual) Fighter and DKC2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (not Diddy Kong’s Quest), Rogue (not Rouge) Squadron will go down as one of the most consistently misspelled games of all time. But that’s alright. Even visions of square-jawed pilots applying make-up in a sequinned mirror couldn’t undermine one of the most gratifying Star […]

First-time Player: Banjo Kazooie proves that 3D platforming endures

Rare’s famous bird-and-bear platformer passed me by when it hit the Nintendo 64 back in 1998, despite my abiding love of Super Mario 64. Gazing at stills and unbearably small, choppy videos on the Internet it looked like an overly chatty, bug-eyed imitation of Nintendo’s brilliant foray into the third-dimension. Even playing Banjo Kazooie now […]

How Nintendo”s most famous castle changed Mario forever

The outside of Peach’s Castle was 3D gaming’s gentle introductory playground. It seems oddly sparse today: just a cluster of trees and a lake devoid of traditional game-like challenge. But that’s the point. Nintendo built Mario 64 on a foundation of technological breakthrough with its sprawling 3D worlds, but nothing but pure design and animation […]