Just Cause 3 patch will let you spend less time loading, more time exploding

Just Cause 3 has some performance and loading issues across all platforms, which really interferes with its spontaneous chaos vibe. But your wingsuit buzz should be un-harshened by “significantly improved loading times” after installing Just Cause 3″s first big update, according to the game”s official blog. Just Cause 3 Patch 1.02 hit PS4 in Europe […]

Wow, such explosion, many meme: how to unlock Doge Mode in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 from Avalanche Studios is brimming with content – there”s plenty to see and do on the island nation of Medici, and now you can add “referencing memes from 2013” to that list. Doge Mode adds brightly colored, poorly-spelled, and grammatically-incorrect comic sans words to your chaos, just like the doge meme for […]

Here”s how Just Cause 3″s performance compares on PS4 and Xbox One

Video game performance experts Digital Foundry have taken Just Cause 3 out for a spin on Xbox One and PS4 and their preliminary findings are less than inspiring. PS4 edges out Xbox One by having a higher native resolution (1920×1080 vs 1600×900), as well as a slightly better framerate. Both consoles struggle to keep pace […]

Just Cause 3 review

Just Cause 3 is at its best when you”re role-playing a sort of jazz sociopath. Flying a plane into a silo of fuel tanks, tethering cars to a bridge and blowing it up, using modified C4 boosters on civilians. It comes alive in these moments, when you”re flitting between violent, explosive acts – a rebel […]

Caught Up: getting started in Just Cause 3

This week on Caught Up we”re parachuting into the explosive sandbox game Just Cause 3. Here, everything explodes with glorious, Hollywood-esque pyrotechnics. And we have the grappling hook that brings all these explosives together. Shake off those post-Thanksgiving blues by watching up wreak havoc all across the island of Medici. All that, plus last week”s […]

You could win your own island with Just Cause 3 (“not guaranteed to be inhabitable”)

If you thought the days of ridiculous contests tied to video game purchases were over, think again. Square Enix is offering a whole damn island to one lucky chaos-causer who picks up Just Cause 3. Here”s how the contest will work: From December 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016, residents of the United States (excluding […]