JJ Abrams says Luke Skywalker questions will be answered in The Force Awakens

Of all the secrets Star Wars: The Force Awakens has impressively managed to keep under wraps, the mystery of what happened to Luke Skywalker is the biggest. The fan favourite has been notably absent from the numerous posters, trailers and TV spots released thus far, leading to rampant speculation about what”s happened to the Jedi. […]

JJ Abrams says Star Trek Into Darkness had “fundamental story problems”

Despite garnering critical and commercial acclaim upon its release, Star Trek Into Darkness was a major disappointment to die hard fans of the franchise. Trekkies even voted it the worst Star Trek film of all time at a convention, with the “Benedict Cumberbatch is not Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan” fiasco cited as a major frustration. Speaking with Wired […]