GTA Online update means even hardened criminals can get in the festive spirit

“What if Santa Claus was a bank-robbing, car-jacking, murderous sociopath?” If that”s a question you have a burning desire to know the answer to, you”ll probably appreciate GTA Online”s newest update. It adds new Santa outfits, pajamas, masks, and car horns while bringing back all previous holiday event outfits. Hope you”ve got a big closet. […]

It looks like GTA 5″s Trevor is joining the cast of The Walking Dead

Trevor Philips Industries may be expanding into zombie-infested Georgia. Steven Ogg, who did the voice and motion capture performances for GTA 5″s unstable protagonist Trevor, has reportedly been spotted on the set of The Walking Dead. A fan even tweeted this picture of himself and Ogg apparently at the sixth season”s wrap party, after Ogg […]

If Michael Bay made GTA 5 videos, this would be his magnum opus

I consider myself a collector of exotic GTA 5 videos, so please understand the gravity of the following statement: this video is my everything. It”s so good. Blacksmoke Billy, who previously brought us the extreme sports of GTA 5 truck tricking and ramp-offing, has outdone himself this time. If Uncharted 3″s plane scene inspired one […]

Captain Planet recreated in GTA 5 trades magic rings for middle fingers

You can”t get much further from the doofy optimism of Captain Planet and the Planeteers than the suffocating cynicism of GTA 5. That tonal mismatch is just half of why this mod-enhanced recreation of the eco-friendly cartoon intro is so perfect, though. The other half is the fact that Trevor Philips already has an ideal […]