The Assassin”s Creed movie lets you call a real life Templar (it”s Jeremy Irons)

As any self respecting Assassin”s Creed fan will know, December 21st was the day that Marmite-flavoured Assassin Desmond Miles made a rather large sacrifice in the name of humanity. Head to AC 3 for full spoilers on the matter. As if by some magical coincidence, December 21st 2016 is the release of the Michael Fassbender […]

The Game Awards has its very own game on Xbox One

A junior marketer sat bolt upright in his ideation pod (a bean bag filled inside which every hand-milled bead has the word “inspiration” written across it in invisible ink). “Bros,” he yammers, “what if the Game Awards had an actual game you could play?” Once the screaming stopped, the idea was run up the flagpole, […]