Telltale is already working on Game of Thrones Season 2

If you”ve finished Telltale”s Game of Thrones Season 1, you will not be surprised to learn that there”s going to be a Telltale”s Game of Thrones Season 2. The real news here, as Telltale confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, is that it”s already working on the next season of tragedy and treachery for House Forrester. […]

Telltale”s Game of Thrones meets its end in November

The final credits and/or heads will roll in Telltale”s Game of Thrones on November 17. No “this platform now, this platform then” confusion – Episode 6: The Ice Dragon will be the very first Telltale finale to launch on all supported platforms simultaneously. Better still, if you haven”t yet pledged fealty to House Forrester, the […]

8 cinematic bad guys who”d make great video game bosses

Boss”d for business When did boss encounters become so damn strenuous? It all used to be so easy. Laugh at their jokes, massage their egos, compliment that wacky taste in ties. Nowadays it”s all “reflexes this” and “tactical assessments that”. Whittle down this health bar, memorise that pattern, target those glaring vulnerabilities. I tell you, […]