The biggest Game Awards 2015 announcements

A night to remember On December 3rd, 2015, game developers, musicians, and celebrities from around the world gathered to celebrate the joy of video games at the second annual Game Awards. In addition to the dozen or so awards handed out to the best games of the year, we also got to see a handful […]

Best movie biographies

Fact is stranger than fiction While most movies are based on some kind of truth, there”s nothing quite like a biopic. Whether it”s bringing some of the most famous individuals in the world to life, or telling a stranger-than-fiction story on the big screen, film biographies interest us just a little bit more because they”re […]

The weirdest control schemes in history (that you”d never see in a modern game)

Or bonkers controls! Why not? Over the past 20 years or so, game control configurations have mostly converged into an accepted norm. Shooters are controlled with the twin sticks and shoulder buttons, racing games use the triggers for accelerate and brake, and you press X to Jason. Simple. But things weren”t always so universal. The […]

The sights of Tokyo Game Show 2015

On the floor While pictures will never fully do it justice, at least theyll give you some color as to how crazy and varied Tokyo Game Show is. This year, 480 exhibitors showed off over 1,200 titles in over 2,000 booths, breaking records for the annual event. Game makers will do anything to stand out […]

The best detectives in gaming

There”s been a murder! Last week marked the launch of Crime Scene magazine, which has turned the spotlight onto those who normally prefer to be incognito – the detectives. TV isn”t the only medium besides literature to have some truly super sleuths in its portfolio. I”m talking about video games, which not only have a […]

The 10 scariest new Doctor Who monsters

The monsters are coming… Doctor Who is back this weekend and with it the Daleks. But they”re not the only monsters to have made an impact on our travelling Time Lord. Since the show returned in 2005 there have been loads of new creations. And while not all of them were winners remember the Hoix […]