Halo 5: Guardians – 10 easy updates that would make a good FPS great

Shooting star Whilst the campaign is often overlooked, not living up to the expectations many had hoped, Halo 5s multiplayer experience is arguably the most complete of any Halo so far – further enforced by innovative additions such as Warzone and Breakout – bringing a touch of eclectic freshness to the proceedings. Yet, even with […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas, ranked

It”s the best/worst Christmas ever! Now they”ve gone and done it. Your True Love has just monopolized nearly two weeks of your free time this holiday season, because they thought it”d be cute to turn The Twelve Days of Christmas from a timeless carol into an opulent realty. They”ve clearly had this planned for months, […]

Let”s skip right to GOTY 2016

So long, 2016 As we enter the year of our lord Star Wars: Episode 8, were in prime position to look back on the greatest games of the last 12 months. 2016, youve done well: whether it was open-world, action-packed or extravagantly remade, youve delivered a varied and memorable batch of truly modern video games. […]

Console features no-one uses

Press shots can make anything look fun Some six years ago, I wrote a version of this very article, lamenting the fact only really rich people had 1080p TV sets, and even they had very little to watch on them, making 1080p an “unused console feature”. Well, now look at us! 720p is starting to […]

Amazing things developers have done for their fans

Above and beyond For all those fans out there that think they are just flinging their brilliant suggestions and rage-filled comments at developers” brick walls, be assured, they are listening. Sure, comments like “you guys suck,” get filtered out, but genuine, constructive criticism, comments, and pleas don”t always fall on deaf ears. Matter of fact, […]