The Final Fantasy 15 community”s votes are in, and so are moogles

Well, that decision didn”t take long; after polling fans about whether they”d like to see moogles included in Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix has announced that the white-furred cats with balls of fluff jutting out of their heads will indeed make an appearance in the upcoming JRPG. Well, at least one moogle will. Game director […]

Final Fantasy 15 devs holding poll for moogle inclusion – vote kup-yes or kup-no

Despite earlier indication that they would be absent from the game, moogles may yet make an appearance in Final Fantasy 15. The English and Japanese Twitter accounts for FF15 have polls asking fans if they”d like to see the cute little cat-bats added to the game, and both polls have nearly 90 percent of their […]

This Final Fantasy 15 driving video looks so good it might get into a gasoline fight

Final Fantasy”s always been more about the journey than the destination, and his new gameplay video proves Final Fantasy 15 is taking that old adage very literally. Noctis and the gang go roadtripping for a solid five minutes in the video, driving down a coastal highway and stopping at the occasional roadside attraction (which, no, […]

Final Fantasy XV: how you make a very new game in a very old series

“If we don”t get new fans into the Final Fantasy franchise, it will shrink and shrink as the years go on.” For a man saying words like these, game director Hajime Tabata looks remarkably relaxed. Slumped contentedly in a chair amidst the roar of a Gamescom showfloor, he gestures absent-mindedly and, in the fashion of […]

Final Fantasy 15 is coming out in 2016, at least by process of elimination

Final Fantasy 15 is coming out in 2016, according to director Hajime Tabata. Well, ok, what he actually told GameSpot is that it definitely isn”t coming out this year, but that it will also release before 2017. So, using the powers of deductive reasoning, we can determine with a high degree of confidence that Square […]

Win one of 15 codes for Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae on Xbox One

Final Fantasy 15 is an exciting prospect – a bold reinvention of the stately series that also lets you cook incredibly realistic eggs and perform rad-as-heck fist bumps. You might not have first-hand knowledge of this, though, as the huge Episode Duscae demo is normally only available alongside a purchase of Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD. […]