Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer says it”s too big for just one modern game

When Square Enix quietly revealed that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be a “multi-part series,” the honeymoon was over. Fans came down from years of expectation, wondering how and why the monolithic experience of the 1997 original would be portioned out into individual entries. Square Enix isn”t willing to say much about the “how” […]

Everything we know about the man behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake

Over the past decade, many of Square Enix’s best-known designers have left the company – and none more high profile than Hironobu Sakaguchi. He joined Square in 1983 as a part-time designer, going on to become its director of planning and development, and ultimately its US president. Yoshinori Kitase, one of Sakaguchi’s protégées, is among […]

Things that should (and should not) be changed in the Final Fantasy 7 remake

If it”s (not) broken… Square-Enix”s announcement of a Final Fantasy 7 remake at E3 2015 was a shock to the system. What was long regarded as nothing more than a fanboy”s fantasy is finally becoming a reality, and we couldn”t be more thrilled. Since its release in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 has spawned numerous spin-off […]

Sonys nostalgia nuke is a masterstroke of misty-eyed misdirection

Final Fantasy 7. The Last Guardian. Shenmue 3. Sony’s trifecta of impossible dreams. A video game Christmas made of magic and long-discarded wishes, choreographed by a bona fide corporate messiah. And lo, the people did run into the virtual streets, sobbing, and wailing, laughing and joyful, at the sheer, blinding rapture of it all. In […]