Dying Light: The Following”s turning out bigger than expected, so the price is going up

Dying Light”s big DLC expansion is getting more expensive, but you can still grab the all-inclusive Season Pass ahead of time at the original price. Developer Techland sent out a letter to players as a simultaneous heads-up of and justification for The Following”s slightly steeper price tag. Dying Light: The Following was originally going to […]

Dying Light fan rants about game”s inaccuracies, devs respond in best way

When Dying Light player “c0mpl3x1ty” noticed inaccuracies in how the zombie survival game portrayed its electricity infrastructure, they did what anyone would do: they ranted about insulators, phases, and substations while snapping screenshots and sharing them on Twitter. Kotaku brought the matter to developer Techland”s attention, and the studio has revealed how the city has […]

Watch Dying Light: The Following”s buggies in zombie-smashing action

The wide-open hills and valleys of Dying Light: The Following could hardly feel more different from the crowded streets of Harran – that”s pretty much the whole idea. You can see the difference for yourself in this new reveal trailer for Techland, complete with idyllic country playgrounds (besieged by zombies) and a souped-up buggy. The […]

Dying Light”s new vehicle DLC The Following is bigger than all previous maps combined

We reported last week that Techland is pushing the boundaries with its new Dying Light DLC and now it”s confirmed that story add-on The Following will have a map bigger than all previous Dying Light maps put together. After much teasing, it”s also been confirmed that we”ll have all terrain dirt buggies to hurtle across […]

New Dying Light DLC adds vehicles. Techland says it”s “pushing the boundaries”

Techland has been aggressively delivering new content for Dying Light and it”s clearly not planning on letting up anytime soon. A new video from the developer shows off not just the positively overwhelming amount of undead DLC that”s landed over the last 180 days but also a teaser for the upcoming expansion with a buggy […]

Dying Light”s swing at Destiny Red Bull promo creates watery madness UPDATE

UPDATE Dying Light developer Techland has now extended its somewhat tongue in cheek Drink for DLC promotion and included stretch goals for the project with rewards that everyone can download. Rewards start with a 50% XP Boost which will be unlocked at 5000 Tweets featuring the #DrinkForDLC hashtag and an image of you drinking water. […]

Dying Light mods will get multiplayer and terrain editing support

You can already make zombie football, darts, and hedge mazes in Dying Light”s mod tools, but soon you”ll be able to do even more. Techland revealed in a video teaser that upcoming updates will add multiplayer support, importing custom models, and terrain creation and editing. That means you”ll no longer be limited to Harran”s existing […]