Doctor Who S9.07 “The Zygon Invasion” review

We’re on familiar territory with the first episode of this year’s Zygon two-parter – bring back an old villain from classic Who, gradually reveal their plan to take over the world over the course of 45 minutes, and leave them on the verge of victory by the end of the episode. Haven’t we been here […]

Doctor Who S9.06 “The Woman Who Lived” review

This year has been all about playing with the format of two-part stories. But while “The Witch”s Familiar” and “Before The Flood” continued the tales set up in their respective first parts, “The Woman Who Lived” is an entirely separate entity, the only continuing elements being the Doctor, Maisie Williams” immortal Ashildr and the development […]

Doctor Who S9.05 “The Girl Who Died” review

“The Girl Who Died” is a deeply peculiar episode in this most eccentric of seasons. On the surface it recalls last year”s divisive “Robot Of Sherwood” – a daft historical “romp” (oh how loaded that word has become for Who fans) with little regard for historical accuracy. On the other, it’s clearly meant as a […]

Doctor Who S9.04 “Before The Flood” review

It”s not too often that the Doctor speaks to the camera – the first time was William Hartnell saying “Merry Christmas to all of you at home” in the festive episode of “The Daleks” Master Plan” 50 years ago – but that”s how we get underway this week. It”s a rug-pull, and it grabs the […]

Doctor Who S9.03 “Under The Lake” review

Doctor Who has done ghost stories before, base-under-siege stories before, and stories with underwater menaces before. Here”s one combining all three, and it”s a tense, claustrophobic affair, well shot and edited but bordering on exhausting and, visually speaking, oppressively gloomy. Toby Whithouse”s fifth script for the show might be full of doom but it”s also […]

Doctor Who S9.02 “The Witchs Familiar” review

Last week’s episode channeled classic Tom Baker tale “Genesis Of The Daleks” but “The Witch’s Familiar” drills even deeper into classic Who – back to the very birth of the show, in fact, homaging the serial that first made Doctor Who a phenomenon, half a century ago. Yes, there’s a ton of 1964’s “The Daleks” […]

Doctor Who S9.01 The Magician”s Apprentice review

The Doctor pauses, a pair of wires in his hands, a whole new level of intensity in Tom Baker’s eternally boggled gaze. If he touches the tips together he consigns his greatest enemy to unborn oblivion – and potentially sacrifices his own soul. But if he spares Davros’ diabolical creation he condemns the universe to […]