Doctor Who “The Husbands Of River Song” review

Feel the whiplash. It’s less than three weeks since series nine of Doctor Who climaxed in bold, brilliant, bruising style with the two-punch of “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”. The BBC’s decision to delay this year’s run of episodes means we’ve barely had a chance to breathe after our journey into the darkest corners of […]

Why Peter Capaldi doesn”t want Doctor Who”s new companion to be male

In Doctor Who“s season nine finale “Hell Bent” – read our review here – viewers bid farewell to Jenna Coleman”s Clara Oswald, leaving the Doctor without a companion. Speculation has now turned to viable replacements and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi has weighed in with this thoughts on the matter. Speaking with Radio Times, Capaldi […]

Doctor Who S9.12 “Hell Bent” review

After the formally innovative genius of “Heaven Sent”, “Hell Bent” is a slightly disappointing conclusion to the series. Though it has many great moments, it’s a little on the talky side, and feels like it could have done with a bit more blood and thunder. Plus not for the first time it sees a season-arc […]

Doctor Who S9.11 “Heaven Sent” review

After 52 years you’d have thought there would be no format Doctor Who hadn’t made use of, but “Heaven Sent” proves there’s still virgin territory to be explored. It’s refreshingly unlike any episode we’ve seen before. Tasked with carrying the entire weight of the story on his back, in what is (barring a few lines […]

Doctor Who S9.10 “Face The Raven” review

Now that’s more like it. After last week’s found footage misstep Doctor Who was back on blistering, series-best, form with “Face The Raven”. Even more impressive: it’s writer Sarah Dollard’s first script for the show. Starting as a captivating, dark fantasy whodunit, it’s a story that slowly transforms into a heartbreaking send off for Jenna […]

Doctor Who S9.09 “Sleep No More” review

There are plenty of firsts in “Sleep No More”. It’s the first found footage episode of Doctor Who, the first not to feature the show’s famous title sequence and the first standalone episode of series nine. It’s also the first episode this series that fails to hit the mark, despite evidently lofty ambitions and some […]

Doctor Who S9.08 “The Zygon Inversion” review

After last week’s alien invasion by numbers, the second half to this year’s Zygon two-parter is refreshingly inventive, an episode that may not be big on action, yet feels like a dramatically satisfying conclusion to last week’s set-up. And how often do we get to say that the second instalment of a two-parter is better […]