Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location December 18-20. Heart of the Praxic Fire!

Xur, Destiny”s weekend merchant, amateur florist, and passionate advocate of Esperanto, is back in the Tower. This week, he’s down in the lounge bar, furiously trying to regain the top slot on the Pac-Man machine. If you”ve got a fistful of Strange Coins, get down there and see what he’s got. Or actually, don’t. Read […]

Destiny Level 25 class packs let you buy your way past the original campaign

The journey to level 25 in Destiny is filled with intense battles and questionable dialogue, unless you skip straight to the new stuff. Destiny: The Taken King comes with a Spark of Light which can give one of your characters an instant boost to level 25, and now Bungie”s selling equivalent items independent of the […]

Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, December 11-13. Monte Carlo!

Xur, Destiny”s weekend merchant, miniature horse-breeder, and friend of the oppressed, has returned. This week he’s over near the Crucible vendors in the Tower. What’s he selling this week? A mixed bag, with some decent stuff and some undeniable highs, albeit via gear you”ll have to be smart to get the absolute best out of: […]

Destiny will get an update bigger “than anything since The Taken King” in early 2016

Even without paid expansions like House of Wolves, Bungie plans to keep new stuff flowing into Destiny throughout the next year on a regular basis. The Halloweeny Festival of the Lost came and went and the Sparrow Racing League is live for another three weeks, but Bungie says that the rest of Destiny”s Year 2 […]

Here”s how you make the perfect Destiny gun (in real life)

Yeah, you’ve seen prop weapons. Carefully painted Nerf pistols, remodelled BB rifles, stuff improbably made from wood and paint. Then there”s this. Yes, that is a perfect recreation of Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant right down to the cable ties (and I’m holding it at MCM London where I found it if you’re interested). It’s the work […]

Destiny”s finally nerfing Sunbreaker Titans next week

The age of the Sunbreaker ends early next week. Destiny Update 2.1.0 will scale back the effectiveness of Sunbreaker Titans” Hammer of Sol super ability and associated upgrade path. That”s a very good thing, since Hunters and Warlocks playing Crucible have learned that the only way to survive when they hear the telltale sound of […]

Destiny player brings down Oryx, The Taken King, all by their lonesome

It”s Guardian vs space-god in this Destiny video, where player “TheGrreatGatsby” takes on (and defeats!) the game”s current final raid boss, Oryx. Of course, beating Oryx isn”t as impressive now as it was at The Taken King”s launch, but that”s where Gatsby takes it up a notch. Instead of bringing in five other Guardians as […]

Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, November 27-29. The 4th Horseman!

Xur, Destiny’s travelling weekend trader, storied symphony violinist, and aficionado of rad ‘80s skateboarding movies, is back in the Tower. This week, he’s in the Hall of Guardians, over on the right, just stinking the place up. Literally. He’s usually a desperately fragrant chap, but long trade routes and a scheduling mishap mean that he […]

Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, November 20-22. Don”t Touch Me!

Xur, Destiny”s weekend merchant, decorated tap-dance master, and appreciator of fine vintage postage stamps, is back in the Tower. He”s down by the Hangar recreation area, leaning on the jukebox, tripping balls on Absinthe slammers. But what’s he actually selling? Well: Immolation Fists [Exotic Titan gauntlets] – 13 Strange CoinsDon’t Touch Me [Exotic Hunter gauntlets] […]