Bigger is always better in Deadpool”s IMAX teaser and poster

Forget hanging out with family and friends, eating turkey and mince pies, and opening presents…the new Deadpool trailer on December 25th just might be the highlight of the Christmas period. 20th Century Fox”s #12DaysofDeadpool campaign has been saturating us with marketing materials for over a week now, and the latest comes in the form of […]

10 things we learned from Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller on the set of Deadpool

Lights, camera, action! Ever since the character”s mistreatment in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, comic book fans everywhere have been thirsting for a more faithful movie adaptation of Deadpool, and after one of the longest waiting games in history, they”re finally getting one. Though Ryan Reynolds is still starring, it”ll be an altogether different take on Wade […]

Hugh Jackman keen for a Deadpool cameo

Hugh Jackman enjoys playing Wolverine, that much is clear. Having recently stated he’d be happy to keep donning the claws until he dies, Jackman has now told MTVthat he’d be happy to make a cameo in the forthcoming Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool first cropped up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and while this next outing […]

Morena Baccarin bags Deadpool role

Deadpool has found its leading lady, with THRreporting that Homeland star Morena Baccarin has signed a deal to appear opposite Ryan Reynolds. Baccarin had been thought to be one of the frontrunners to play the film’s female lead, although Taylor Schilling was a strong competitor, having also tested for the part. Baccarin’s character has yet […]

Colossus will be recast for Foxs Deadpool movie

With less than year until the standalone Deadpool movie hits cinemas, the race is on to lock in a solid cast of characters to accompany Wade Wilson on his first solo adventure. Just last week, Haywire star Gina Carano boarded the movie in the role of Angel Dust, a member of an underground mutant group […]