Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition comes with a big honkin” figurine

It looks like Dark Souls 3″s release date was leaked by a Middle Eastern retailer – but more importantly, so were its massive statuettes. According to a since-pulled listing by Geekay Games (via Twitter user Wario64), the third and final entry in From Software”s grim “n” gothic series will be released on April 12, 2016, […]

Dark Souls studio gets bigger to take on the world

From Software, the creator of Dark Souls, Otogi and Bloodborne, is establishing an additional studio in Fukuoka, Japan. The new team will support From Software’s Tokyo operation, which has become known for the dark and ominous nature of its worlds. For these creators, the details are in the devil. The meticulous construction of dangerous places […]

You”re faster and more dangerous in Dark Souls 3, but so is everything else

Dark Souls 3 has remained enigmatic since its surprise announcement at E3 this year, and not by way of the series” usual systemic arcaneries and lore-based conundrums. Those remain largely unexplained and unexplored, of course, but right now the real question to be asked of Dark Souls 3 is not what it is, but why. […]