Miyazaki says Dark Souls “has been completed by players” so no more secrets then

It”s been four years since the launch of the original Dark Souls and people are still hunting for undiscovered items, but game director Hidetaki Miyazaki says he”s confident we”ve found everything. In an interview in the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, Miyazaki admits that he feels that the game was never truly complete but players […]

Twitch beats Dark Souls, thanks to democracy

The gaming prowess of Twitch, at least as an entity composed of hundreds of people typing frantically into a chat window, has been proven today with the defeat of gaming’s notoriously tough touchstone, Dark Souls. It took a dedicated cluster of chatters, each feeding granular commands into a remotely controlled and broadcast version of Dark […]

Twitch Plays Dark Souls against Random Input Dark Souls: man vs. machine

We”ve already told you about Twitch Plays Dark Souls, the shocking social experiment that lets thousands of viewers control the Chosen Undead one input at a time. But now it has some artificial competition: Random Input Dark Souls. It”s the same idea, minus all the human involvement: Random Input Dark Souls literally uses a random […]

Twitch Plays Dark Souls might be the best crowd-play since Pokemon Red

Thousands of people are currently trying to simultaneously control one unfortunate undead by use of their keyboards and Twitch chat. The feared nightmare has come true: Twitch is playing Dark Souls. Not sure what that means? Here”s some background: Way back in the time before time (which is to say February of 2014), an anonymous […]

Watch Dark Souls” toughest boss beaten with agonizingly slow voice commands

Finishing Dark Souls is quite a feat all by itself. Defeating its notoriously difficult bosses requires careful memorization and split-second reactions. Doing it all with voice controls that impose a second or more of delay and imprecise movements… that”s something else. But fearless Dark Souls challenge runner Benjamin “bearzly” Gwin did it, and the last […]

Top 100: Why Dark Souls is simply the greatest game of all time

If you haven’t played Dark Souls (and I mean really played, to the degree that you understand the utter folly of my even using the word ‘played’ in this paragraph, when I should actually be terming the experience ‘utterly, obsessively lived in’), then the chances are you have an entirely false impression of the greatest […]