Captain America: Civil War gets an official synopsis (that we kind of already knew)

Over the past month or so we”ve gotten lots of new information about Captain America: Civil War, from new images to the excellent first trailer. Marvel have now released an official synopsis for the upcoming superhero flick, and it confirms pretty much what we”d already pieced together. Check it out below… Marvel’s Captain America: Civil […]

Captain America: Civil War releases (seconds) of new footage in international trailer

The first trailer for the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War came online last month, and it managed to accomplish the seemingly increasingly difficult task of revealing a lot, but keeping plenty under wraps. That trend continues with the new international trailer released earlier this week, which is basically a shorter version of the first […]

Tom Holland”s Spider-Man costume will have a twist… but what is it?

Although Captain America: Civil War will focus on the major rift between Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark, Marvel”s next film is not lacking for additional characters. Not only will we see the return of Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, and others, Civil War will also introduce us to Tom Holland”s brand new Spider-Man – and […]