Maybe it”s time for Call of Duty to drop the campaign

I love Call of Duty campaigns. Even at their worst, they”re still worth a playthrough, as the series tries to explore complex themes while simultaneously offering up mindless Michael Bay-hem spectacle. As profoundly stupid as these games can be, I get the sense that they”re often trying to be more than what they are. In […]

Find more than a century of secrets in Black Ops 3″s Data Vault

Trailers have already hinted at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3″s nigh-occult oddness, but it goes much, much deeper than that. In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, campaign director Jason Blundell explains how the Data Vault in your custom character”s private safehouse will be the new home for Black Ops conspiracy fans. If […]

Jeff Goldblum is the best thing to happen to Call of Duty since actual war

A Short Aside Before We Start Jeff Goldblum’s first film role was in the movie Death Wish, where he played an unnamed character referred to in the script only as “Freak #1”. This is perfect. Chapter the First: “Games, uh, on video?” Gangly, drawling genius, Jeff Goldblum has, to my knowledge, made only four appearances […]