You can now buy Blood Rocks in Bloodborne and get all your weapons to +10

Okay, the Hunter”s Axe is clearly the best weapon in Bloodborne, but in case you disagree or just want to have a collection of fully-upgraded weaponry, developer From Software has good news: Blood Rocks – the crafting ingredient needed to boost a weapon from +9 to the +10 maximum – can now be purchased in-game […]

Bloodborne servers return after a day of emergency maintenance

Bloodborne”s servers being taken down for emergency maintenance sucked worse than a fight against the Blood-Starved Beast with no Fire Paper in your pocket, but as of today, things should be back to normal. From Software reports that Bloodborne servers are back online, and everyone”s version should now be updated to 1.08. Although never confirmed, […]

The deadliest enemy in Bloodborne right now: emergency maintenance

If you”ve been planning to tackle Bloodborne”s Old Hunters DLC with a friend like we did on Twitch last week (in case you missed the show), you might want to put those plans on hold. The game”s servers are currently down for “emergency maintenance,” and a post over on the Japanese PlayStation website states that […]

We try so hard to master Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Yharnam never lets go. The Old Hunters, Bloodborne”s first DLC expansion is out, and it”s every bit as mysterious, difficult, and excellent as the original release. What about those hunters that failed to conquer the game the first time around, though? Is this expansion enough to lure them back into the fold? Today on GamesRadar”s […]

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC review

Bloodborne”s defining quality is that it gives you the barest scraps of just about anything you desperately want. From level-bumping blood echoes to the barest hints about what”s wrong with this place, it never feels like you get enough, which makes them feel incredibly precious. The new Bloodborne expansion, The Old Hunters, could have upset […]