Lex Luthor hints at A.R.G.U.S. involvement in Batman v Superman

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman may be the only ones who were recently granted character posters, but that doesn”t mean Lex Luthor hasn”t been a big part of the marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Jesse Eisenberg”s character has been the focus of a viral campaign which has already seen him “profiled” by […]

Anthony Russo doesn”t see Batman v Superman as competition for Civil War

There was a time when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War were due to open on the same weekend, but ultimately Warner Bros. blinked and moved the release date forward to March 2016 (works for us!). That hasn”t stopped comparisons between the two movies though, and Civil War co-director Anthony […]

Batman v Superman adds ANOTHER Justice League superhero to the team

Although next year”s Batman v Superman will obviously focus on the conflict between DC”s biggest superheroes, it”s important not to forget the film”s subtitle – Dawn of Justice. With Wonder Woman already said to be playing a big part, and Aquaman and Cyborg also due for introductions, the worry that the upcoming superhero clash will […]