Arrow S3.23 “My Name Is Oliver Queen” review

“The city’s under attack? Must be May!” TV shows rarely get more self-aware than that shamelessly meta comment from Lance, winking at the fact that Arrow traditionally imperils Starling in time for the season finale. This time it’s a little different, though. For once we’re spared the scenes of mass panic and urban cataclysm that […]

14 TV and film superhero civil wars

War Of The Superheroes 2016 is set to be the year of the superhero vs superhero slugfest. Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice in March is the opening course. The big feast will be Captain America: Civil War in May, a film that some have wittily though somewhat erroneously dubbed Avengers 2.5. Witty because, like […]

Arrow S3.22 “This Is Your Sword” review

Someone on Arrow is clearly a fan of The Boss. The penultimate episode of season one was titled “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” while its counterpart in season two was named “Streets Of Fire”. Here’s another Bruce Springsteen title pressed into service (“This Is Your Sword” is a track from 2014’s High Hopes album). […]

Arrow S3.21 “Al Sah-Him” review

So a few episodes ago I grumbled that Arrow had wimped out of a potentially intriguing story arc by rejecting the chance to install Oliver as the new Ra’s al Ghul. This, then, is the sound of me chowing down on humble pie. Hey, it could do with a little more salt but it’s not […]

Arrow S3.20 “The Fallen” review

We were all so busy wondering if Arrow would use the Lazarus Pit to resurrect Oliver all those months ago that the fact it’s pressed into service to save the life of Thea makes for an effective twist: a surprising, left-field solution to last week’s shock cliffhanger but an eminently logical one, hidden in plain […]

Arrow S3.19 “Broken Arrow” review

There’s just a pinch of The X-Files in the way that “Broken Arrow” opens: torch-flashing security guards, a mysterious, supernaturally-powered figure in the shadows and a grisly bit of blood-letting to take us into the credits (the splattered TV screen is a particularly grisly touch). Fabled creature performer Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) brings a […]