Why I Love: Kazuma Kiryu”s suit in Yakuza

No one is more badass than Kazuma Kiryu. In Yakuza 5, when he confronts a mob boss while searching for an abducted friend, Kiryu turns down a drink of whisky by punching the bottle. In half. Directly into the offering mobster’s face. Yet for all of his magnificent stoicism and uprightness, Kiryu still walks around […]

The Banner Saga – AKA viking Game of Thrones – lands on console in January

The Banner Saga has explored many lands since its successful Kickstarter campaign of 2012 – PC, iOS, Android, a free-to-play multiplayer-only version – but one uncharted region it has yet to conquer is that of the home console. Come next month that will no longer be the case: The Banner Saga will make landfall on […]

There are no heroes in The Tomorrow Children, only cogs

The Tomorrow Children is a machine, and you are but a tiny part of its function. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this game has no heroes – you”re not even human. Long ago humanity perverted itself into a single, massive superorganism, manifesting as a cloudy white mass that stretches out endlessly in all directions. You […]

For the first time in Far Cry history Primal”s hero isn”t a “fish out of water”

While the Far Cry series has changed a bit over the years (what did ever happen to those superpowers?) some things stay the same – the open worlds, the exploration, turning around and finding EVERYTHING ON FIRE. Primal, however, is switching out one big feature for the first time: the hero isn”t a newb. In […]

Make your co-op partner a manta ray in Abzu

In the demo for ocean-exploring adventure game Abzu shown off at this year”s PlayStation Experience, there”s a wide-open rock enclosure where you can make contact with giant manta rays. My first attempts ended in failure – though you can school with the sea creatures in Abzu, including larger ones by grabbing onto their fins, I […]

Far Cry Primal”s animals are both pets and weapons

Yes, even super-bitey wolf up there (Latin name). The previously revealed cover art for Far Cry Primal”s stone age reworking suggested animals would be as much allies as enemies, and now we know for sure, with creative director Jean-Christophe Guyot explaining more about how the creatures work. Animals start out as enemies and create just […]