It looks like Kojima”s starting his own studio, here”s what we know

Metal Gear Solid boss Hideo Kojima has departed Konami to start his own studio as of December 15, according to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei (translated by Polygon). The paper reports that Kojima is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment, though it doesn”t go into any more detail from there. Rumors of difficulties between […]

Of course Aperture Science robots make all the Steam Controllers

Valve”s strange new Steam Controllers may be of questionable value for actually playing games, but their manufacturing process is fascinating to watch. Valve published a How It”s Made-style video of its new Steam Controller production line in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, showing how robots, complete with cheeky Aperture Laboratories decals, assemble the controllers. They”re not quite […]

Nintendo NX controller may use Free-Form Display tech to go beyond your thumbs

Nintendo patents are sprouting up like weeds. Yesterday we showed you ideas the House That Mario Built had for creating a network of devices to “increase the speed or quality of a user”s gaming experience,” and today a newly uncovered patent might give us the first look at the Nintendo NX controller. Patent application 20150355768 […]

Fallout Shelter gets adorable pets (and lets you buy dozens of them)

Six months after opening its doors, Fallout Shelter is finally overturning its strict “no animals” policy. The latest update to the mobile vault overseer simulator adds in pets, letting you unlock and assign animal companions to your favorite subterranean survivors. And yes, you can totally name your dog “Dogmeat Jr.” Or your cat, for that […]

System Shock 3 is coming, pathetic creatures of meat and bone rejoice

The spiritual predecessor to BioShock is getting a proper third entry. Underworld Ascendant developer OtherSide Games recently posted a countdown site which was quickly cracked open, revealing a teaser page for System Shock 3. Appropriate that the cult hit series which popularized hacking minigames had its secret teaser so quickly datamined – and since the […]

Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser to everyone: you know nothing

HBO’s cheeky marketing for the upcoming 6th season of Game of Thrones is almost painfully contemporary in its latest turn. The latest teaser is happily smashing through the show’s odd narrative blockade, waving at George R.R. Martin’s source novels as it zooms by with a smirk. [Spoiler alert: This teaser is essentially a Game of […]