Build-A-Bear Workshop will let you mold your own Pikachu this month

You”ll get to play Frankenstein with your very own plush Pikachu later this month. Build-A-Bear Workshop today revealed that the mouse Pokemon will scurry onto shelves in late December, ready for kids and full-grown adults to customize and adorn as they wish. If you”re not into the whole “building” part of Build-A-Bear (handfuls of stuffing […]

Nintendo Badge Arcade represents Nintendo at its most cynical

Despite a late entry into the mobile market, “free-to-play” isn”t a new concept for Nintendo. Games like Stretchmo and Pokemon Shuffle are both what the publisher calls “free-to-start”, where the initial download costs nothing while additional content can be made available for a nominal fee. At their best, these “free-to-start” games offer unique delivery methods […]

Satoru Iwata”s life story plays out in this YouTube documentary

As Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said, it will be years before Satoru Iwata”s impact on the gaming industry will be fully appreciated. But we can still get started. The latest video from the Gaming Historian, noted YouTube documentarian, follows Iwata”s life from his days hanging around the department store computer section, to his […]