Halo 5: Guardians – 10 easy updates that would make a good FPS great

Shooting star Whilst the campaign is often overlooked, not living up to the expectations many had hoped, Halo 5s multiplayer experience is arguably the most complete of any Halo so far – further enforced by innovative additions such as Warzone and Breakout – bringing a touch of eclectic freshness to the proceedings. Yet, even with […]

Batman Arkham Knight brings back the villains in the Season Of Infamy DLC today

Finally the juiciest looking slice of Batman Arkham Knight DLC is arriving today. The Season Of Infamy expansion includes missions starring four of Dark Knight”s foes. Killer Croc, the Mad Hatter, Mr Freeze and Ra”s Al Ghul are all arriving in Gotham like a giant villainous reunion party where everyone has to pretend to be […]

Rocksteady might not be done with Batman

Batman Arkham Knight was meant to be Rocksteady”s goodbye to the caped crusader, a final farewell that waved the dark knight off into the sunset in his not inconspicuous favourite vehicle. Well officially that”s still the case but in the below official video from Batman Insider, creative director Sefton Hill is kind of suggesting otherwise. […]

JJ Abrams on why he tried to keep Khans identity secret in Star Trek into Darkness

JJ Abrams is currently busy promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens (read our review here), but that hasn”t stopped people asking about Star Trek into Darkness; the film the director worked on prior to switching “Star” franchises. Abrams recently admitted the sequel had “fundamental story problems”, and in a new interview with Buzzfeed he went […]

Miyazaki says Dark Souls “has been completed by players” so no more secrets then

It”s been four years since the launch of the original Dark Souls and people are still hunting for undiscovered items, but game director Hidetaki Miyazaki says he”s confident we”ve found everything. In an interview in the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, Miyazaki admits that he feels that the game was never truly complete but players […]