The biggest news stories of 2015

The biggest news of 2015 A lot happened in gaming in 2015. More than you might remember. It was a year for long-awaited sequels, franchise resurrections, publisher scandals, and a goofy Time magazine cover. It was also the year we said goodbye to one of the industry”s most beloved leaders, Satoru Iwata. To put it […]

Disney Infinity characters – All of the toys revealed so far

To infinity and beyond Yes, you”ve been able to collect popular Disney characters like Wreck-It Ralph, Buzz Lightyear, and even Sorcerer”s Apprentice Mickey, but with Disney”s acquisition of properties like Marvel and Star Wars, you can also collect cartoon versions of those heroes. In Disney Infinity 3.0, the sandbox builder/every-other-genre-you-can-think-of game continues to add some […]

Games that were a big deal (for, like, a day) in 2015

Feels like a lifetime ago Every so often, months of mounting excitement for an upcoming game fizzles into complete apathy, even over the course of a single week. And with the amount of money being shoveled into the piping-hot marketing engine these days, experiencing anything less than earth-shattering euphoria on launch day can feel like […]