Kojima Productions New Game

What is Hideo Kojima’s new game? Update: Kojima Productions have unveiled an official Twitter account ahead of the E3 games show, plus teased a new image of their mascot Ludens, with his face partially revealed. Sleuths are suggesting the character”s eyes resemble those of Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead star, once billed as the protagonist […]

It looks like Kojima”s starting his own studio, here”s what we know

Metal Gear Solid boss Hideo Kojima has departed Konami to start his own studio as of December 15, according to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei (translated by Polygon). The paper reports that Kojima is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment, though it doesn”t go into any more detail from there. Rumors of difficulties between […]

The vehicles of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Vrooom! The full release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is so close now that many are hyperventilating with excitement. And while the stars of the film turned up to this weeks premiere in rather ordinary-looking land vehicles, they”ve been driving some far more exciting things this past year. Let”s get behind the wheel and […]

Win A Sherlock Goodie Bag

Win a bag of Sherlock swag to celebrate Crime Scene issue 2 hitting the shops! Issue 2 is on sale now – it”s a Scandinavian special featuring Wallander, The Bridge, Borgen and brand new Icelandic drama Trapped. We”re on set of Fargo Season 2, get gritty with Luther“s Idris Elba and investigated the new film […]

Fat Princess Adventures review

Fat Princess Adventures has the sugary sweet veneer of thickly layered frosting that, in a cruel twist of fate, has been slathered over a giant slab of polystyrene. The essential ingredients for cooking up a Diablo-style hack and slash experience are sitting unused in a cupboard somewhere, and as you choke on chunks of the […]

Console features no-one uses

Press shots can make anything look fun Some six years ago, I wrote a version of this very article, lamenting the fact only really rich people had 1080p TV sets, and even they had very little to watch on them, making 1080p an “unused console feature”. Well, now look at us! 720p is starting to […]