Joy review

Top of the mops… As Steve Jobs taught us last year, biopics don’t have to be staid, predictable, cradle-to-grave dramas. Well, David O. Russell couldn’t do staid if he tried. Going into this tale of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, on a serious (or rather seriocomic) hot streak that’s brought us The […]

Bigger is always better in Deadpool”s IMAX teaser and poster

Forget hanging out with family and friends, eating turkey and mince pies, and opening presents…the new Deadpool trailer on December 25th just might be the highlight of the Christmas period. 20th Century Fox”s #12DaysofDeadpool campaign has been saturating us with marketing materials for over a week now, and the latest comes in the form of […]

You can now buy Blood Rocks in Bloodborne and get all your weapons to +10

Okay, the Hunter”s Axe is clearly the best weapon in Bloodborne, but in case you disagree or just want to have a collection of fully-upgraded weaponry, developer From Software has good news: Blood Rocks – the crafting ingredient needed to boost a weapon from +9 to the +10 maximum – can now be purchased in-game […]

GTA Online update means even hardened criminals can get in the festive spirit

“What if Santa Claus was a bank-robbing, car-jacking, murderous sociopath?” If that”s a question you have a burning desire to know the answer to, you”ll probably appreciate GTA Online”s newest update. It adds new Santa outfits, pajamas, masks, and car horns while bringing back all previous holiday event outfits. Hope you”ve got a big closet. […]

The 30 best movies of 2015

Top of the class After a soft 2014, this year proved to be a veritable feast of goodies for any movie lover out there. Whether you were after innovative horrors, nailbitingly tense crime dramas, lush romances or all-out action, there was something for everyone. And for us, these 30 movies that follow were the best […]