ESRB ratings reveal another batch of PS2 games slated for PS4

I forgive you. You didn”t play Primal when it came out on PS2 in 2003, but I forgive you, because it looks like you”ll get another chance. An ESRB rating suggests that the tale of shapeshifting, demon-slaying Jennifer Tate and her gargoyle sidekick Scree is among the next PS2 games on PS4. If Primal still […]

Captain America: Civil War gets an official synopsis (that we kind of already knew)

Over the past month or so we”ve gotten lots of new information about Captain America: Civil War, from new images to the excellent first trailer. Marvel have now released an official synopsis for the upcoming superhero flick, and it confirms pretty much what we”d already pieced together. Check it out below… Marvel’s Captain America: Civil […]

Suicide Squad”s new synopsis hints at a enigmatic and insuperable foe

There are some comic book films coming out next year, which share similarities with one another, and there are others that promise to be unlike anything we”ve seen before. Suicide Squad is most definitely in the latter category, and Warner Bros has unveiled a brand new (slightly disturbing) synopsis for the highly anticipated film. Check […]

The classic games that define “Nintendo Hard”

Now you”re playing with power “Nintendo Hard.” It”s a term that defines the company”s past, when the Nintendo Entertainment System was known for being that totally sweet new gaming console your cousin owned, and for having really, really tough games. Such brutality comes in many different and exciting flavors. A game can be difficult because […]